"Little Flowers" in Les Fleurs

I went to my first Quilt Market in Salt Lake City last Spring. Granted the fact that I was there was a stroke of luck because I didn't yet have a shop, only an idea of a shop, a domain name, a bank account and an LLC called Lakes Makerie. I just felt so ready to dive in and learn, that I just had to go and be a part of it. It was a great experience (made better because my best friend Kathy, who always makes everything better, was able to come along). I saw so many beautiful things.

One fabric line I loved best was Les Fleurs, a collaboration between Anna Rifle Bond founder of Rifle Paper Co. and Cotton and Steel. I wasn't able to get samples at the Sample Swap (that was a experience unto itself...), but 2 days later I placed my order. I was so happy to see the fabrics again when they arrived last month. Here they are posing for a quick photo at the bottom of the front stairs. Aren't they beautiful?

The first thing I made was the Bianca Blouse by Make My Lemonade from a French company called Wear Lemonade. It's a downloadable PDF pattern in French, with an adorable on-line video tutorial (also in French).  I look forward to trying some of their other designs I used the Rosa cotton in Navy and added a white vintage swiss dot with a shadow stripe for the back yoke

I hesitate to call the Cotton and Steel fabric "quilting weight"  because is has a much softer hand and drape then what I think of when i hear "quilting cotton." Here Rosa in Navy.

This fabric also comes in peach and periwinkle.

Next up was the Birch Rayon. This substrate really shows of the wonderful color palette that Rifle Paper Co. is co famous for. It also has a wonderful weight and drape. This fabric proved to be a pleasure to work with. Maybe a little less forgiving than the cotton, but not at a slippery or fragile feeling. A confident beginner (i.e someone who has sewn a garment or two) will be very comfortable sewing with this fabric and will be happy with the results it gives.


I was eager to use this fabric to make  Rose City Halter Dress. This which was designed by the talented Peggy Mead at Sew House Seven. (I love this pattern and will review it in more detail in the next few Days).  I knew I wanted to have some pictures of these makes for the "Sew Photo Hop" happening this month over on instagram, so I persuaded my daughter Lucie (curly hair) and her bestie Carly (straight hair) to model for me one evening last weekend. They were my "little flowers" in "Les Fleurs". The girls were real troopers, enduring the mosquitos who have really been out in force these last few days. The hardships of a photoshoot... Please bear with variable light and color of the photos, the junior photographer (me) is just learning to take pictures and I used two different cameras, something I will never do again. We were also being attacked by mosquitos, a well-recognized hazard on warm Minnesota evenings.

Lucie in Bianca blouse. Carly in Rose City dress.

Lucie is wearing a "me-made" skirt. This is the Purl Gathered skirt in Robert Kaufman Chambray (the one with multicolored "motes" or slub texture). The directions for this skirt are available on the Purl Soho website and I highly recommend their tutorial. This skirt is a nice project for a beginner because it's all straight lines, has clever (enormous) pockets, and the fit is very forgiving. She finally managed to get this skirt finished after a summer of putting it off... There are just too many fun things to do when you're a teenager.


Directing models in a photoshoot is a skill that I definitely need to develop. We had a little trouble getting on the same page with regard to what mood we were going for in a given shot, hence one model serious and the other smiling!

As usual, Ole had to get in on the action and you can also see Schuyler's tail just to Carly's right. The dogs always have to get in on the action. At this point, the mosquitos became too much to bear so we all had to run for cover and say "Good night!" 

Note: Mosquitos were harmed in the making of this photoshoot.