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Knit Quilt Primer by Carolyn Friedlander


pecifically written for knit fabrics, but it can work with wovens too! Pattern features 3 quilt versions, of varying complexity with multiple size options for each. Booklet-style pattern includes knit-specific tips with regards for planning/preparation, sewing, pressing, pinning and quilting; conventional sewing machine and serger instructions. Version A features Baby (34x42.5in), Wall (21.25x21.25in) and Throw (51x68in) sizes. Version B features Lap (42x58in), Wall (21x21.75in) and Baby (36.75x43.5in) sizes. Version C features Wall (21x18.25in), Baby (42x36.25in) and Throw (63x72.5in) sizes. Made in the USA!

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