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Hand Embroidery 101, February 9 7-9 PM


All proceeds from this class will be donated to the Southwest (Minneapolis) High School Performing Arts Council

Embroidery is a fun, relaxing and portable way to make your handmade projects your own. You can embroider almost anywhere: on long car trips, on the dock at the cabin, or while you’re waiting at the orthodondist or soccer practice (you get the idea). Once you get started, the sky is the limit because the design and materials used are so accessible, varied and colorful. There really aren’t very many rules in embroidery, so the result can be as formal or as free wheeling as you choose. We will learn several basic stitches and start working on a simple sampler you can take with you. Includes all material (hoop, fabric, floss, needle)

Wednesday, August 9 7-9 PM

Artrageous Adventures Studio, 2121 W 21st St, Minneapolis

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