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Boro/Sashiko Embroidery Studio, May 2


Tuesday, May 2, Embroidery Studio, 7:30-9 PM. This time we’ll try our hand at Japanese Boro patchwork, a method traditionally used for mending in ancient Japan. We’ll learn and practice Sashimi stitches, and design a project that could become a bag, pillow, placement or piece of wall art. This technique can also be used to mend or embellish garments (especially denim) which takes "upcycling" to a whole new level. $30 + Materials (available for purchase).

Materials: Sashiko Needles (or any long, very sharp needle with rather large eye),  sashimi thread or pearl cotton in natural, indigo (or colors of your choice) at least 1/2 yard of not too tightly woven cotton or linen, scraps of linen, cotton or denim (Traditionally dark colored solids but any color or print could work ), medium weight interfacing. 

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